Seattle police officer uses bike to hit protester during push back

Police push back Black Lives Matter protesters with bicycles in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood of Seattle on the evening of July 25.

Seattle police officers are also seen using pepper spray and flash-bangs to disperse the crowd, and one officer hits a protester in the head using his bicycle.

"Systemic racism, police brutality, and the unequal enforcement of the law have been ongoing and pervasive issues within our police departments since their inception. It is clear that these issues are not adequately being addressed in our communities, and we are left with little recourse other than to demand change through direct action and civil disobedience," the filmer told Newsflare.

"The Black Lives Matter movement is shining a light on racial injustice and police brutality throughout the country. The fact that protesters exercising their first amendment rights are being met with the same type of violence and excessive force that is being called out only iterates the need for major structural change."


By: NewsFlare (104454.00)