Police Officer Violates Man's Rights

Centralia Police Dept has provided footage from their body-worn cameras after an officer violates a man's rights by depriving him of his freedom for committing no crime.

A young woman and her father stopped when they saw a man lying on the ground near the intersection of a street and railroad tracks. When the two stopped to check on the man who was on the ground, he advised the good Samaritans that he had been hit by a car. The young woman called 911 to report it.

This video shows Patrol Officer Billy White, badge #429, put handcuffs on a man who chose not to provide his name when asked.

This video shows that out of three Centralia, IL, police officers, only one actually cared to investigate the report of the man being hit by a car. The video shows Sgt Rizzo conducting an investigation of a possible hit-and-run as Patrol Officer Billy White deprives another man of his freedom. Sgt Rizzo tries to determine if the claim of the man on the ground, that he had been hit by a car, is true.



By: ThisIsButter (40116.20)

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