Brazil : Governor Wants Snipers Deployed In Rio To Kill Criminals

The elected governor of Rio Wilson Witzel, provoked an uproar by announcing that he planned to deploy snipers to shoot down armed criminals, even if they did not pose a threat to police officers.

Wilson Witzel, a 50-year-old former federal judge, is one of the governors who surfed the wave of Jair Bolsonaro to be elected in Brazil's general election. Both campaigned by adopting a tough line against crime. The Brazilian President-elect proposes, among other things, to facilitate access to weapons so that "good people" can ensure their self-defense and give "legal protection" to police officers using their weapons in service.

"If you have five criminals shooting at a police officer, they should all be killed," Wilson Witzel told reporters on Tuesday evening.



By: CrushCommunism (2044.90)

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