'Passengers in the back were smoking weed,' says Uber driver who refused nightmare passengers mid-journey

This was the shocking moment a group of disruptive Uber passengers in Eatontown, New Jersey were seen being rude and disruptive during their Labor Day (Agust 31) Uber ride.

The passengers become disgruntled when they are unable to play their music on the sound system and when the driver asks to respect his personal space.

Prior to picking up the passengers, the driver was pulled over by police because of his tinted windows, which some riders use against him.

the filmer explained: "I was driving Uber Labor Day weekend and on that Saturday of August 31st around 10:45 pm I had gotten a ride request from Uber.

"On my way to pick them up, I had gotten pulled over by the local police for my tinted windows.

"I notified the passenger and they were fine with waiting for me.

"So after receiving a warning, I headed off to pick up the passengers.

"After picking them up things started to go downhill, specifically with the girl in the front.

"She was very demanding and brought an open container in my car.

"[The] passengers in the back were smoking weed in my car without even asking.

"So I used my best judgment and decided that I was not going to be able to put up with these passengers for the 45 plus minute trip and proceeded to drop them back off to their house and they didn’t seem to happy about that as you will see in the video."



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