Passengers beat Moscow taxi driver who refused to apologize

The drivers saved the taxi driver from the capital, who attacked two passengers with fists. The incident fell into the camera lens of the recorder.

The conflict occurred in the south-west of Moscow, but the exact date is unknown. The driver, through the Yandex.Taxi service, took an order for transportation from the Varshavskaya metro station to Perekopskaya street. On the way, two passengers began to complain and demanded an apology from the taxi driver, and in response to a request not to swear, one of them began to beat the driver with his fist.

The cabman tried to attract the attention of policemen moving in the oncoming lane, but to no avail. Then he gained speed and didn’t follow the route, ignoring the men’s demands to “take them home in a good way”. As a result, the passenger independently applied a hand brake, and the car stopped across the road. Ripening eyewitnesses came to the aid of a taxi driver, who was raining down a hail of blows.

Judging by the description, the driver did not receive 140 rubles for the order, but whether he contacted the police after the attack remains unknown.



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Location: Moscow