Incredible moment man risks life to save drowning calf in northeastern India

A tense scene unfolded in northeastern India on October 4 when a man risked his life to rescue a calf that was swept up in a choppy river.

The incident took place in the Ithai Barrage along the Manipur River.

The entire rescue operation was filmed by one of the eyewitnesses on the bridge, Sadananda.

Video footage shows the calf slipping and falling into the overflowing river before being swept away with the fast-flowing river currents.

The calf is washed to the other side of the water where it receives support from the wall of the riverbank.

Rescuer Laishram Sanjoy Meetei then bravely slips into the river to retrieve the drowning animal before another man helps haul both of them out of the water.


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Location: India