Extravagant 'Phoenix Winter Wonderland' Christmas decorations look like something from a movie

A homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona has decorated not just the outside of his house and garden but the inside as well.

The Christmas decorations dubbed the "Phoenix Winter Wonderland" are set up every year to brighten up the neighbourhood and invitations are sent to locals to have a look and experience the illuminating festive spirit.

Homeowner David Chuchia has been creating the spectacle every year since 1994. It explains on a sign outside the house that he starts decorating in July for it to be ready on Thanksgiving.

The sign also says: "There are more than 50 Christmas trees with more than 6,000 ornaments on them. There are 3,000 lights inside and out and over 100 animated figures."

The filmer explained: "[David Chuchia] has done this every year, not just 2020.

"He goes to extreme measures to put on a light show for the public.

"Yes for the public, as he invites the public to tour the inside of his home, which is also decked out in Christmas fashion.

"He has Santa sleeping in one room, an M&M chocolate theme in another.

"[He] asks for donations to help with the electricity bill."

The footage was captured on December 3.


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