shootout leaves bandit dead & two officers injured during a special police operation

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The Ukrainian police released a video of the special operation.
Georgian citizen Shota (Mevlud) Chichiashvili, who was once referred to in Georgia as ‘terrorist number one,’ has been killed in a special operation in Kiev region, Ukraine, the Georgian Interior Ministry said on Oct. 2.

footage shows that law enforcement officers are trying to break into the door of a block container where the bandit has barricaded himself. At some point, he comes out, starts shooting, runs a few meters, falls and fires shots at the officers same time. As a result of an exchange of fire with the security forces, he died at the scene

In the course of the special operation, one police officer received a shoulder wound and a through wound to the forearm, the other received a blind wound to the chest (the bullet was stuck in the last layer of the bulletproof vest) and an injury to the hand.
Three pistols were seized at the site of Chichiashvili's liquidation, as well as their shops and several foreign passports in different names.

It is known that Shota kidnapped employees of the International Red Cross, British businessman Peter Shaw, businessmen from Spain, as well as a Georgian priest and special forces employee. In addition, he is accused of robbing a bank.

Shota (Mevlud) Chichiashvili in better times:



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Location: Volunteer Battalions St, 3-5, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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