Crash crashes into a truck after it is sent of the median

Law enforcement officers completed the investigation into the accident on the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter, which occurred on October 27 last year, and transferred it to the Vyborg District Court of St. Petersburg, on Saturday, April 20, the press service of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region reported .

Recall that the Scania and Iveco trucks collided at the WHSD, after which the latter broke through the separation barrier and found itself on the oncoming traffic lane, where a Hyundai Starex minivan crashed into it, which immediately flared up .

The accident at the scene killed eight people - the driver of Hyundai, as well as its passengers : two men aged 29 and 71 years old and five women aged 65 to 70 years.

A criminal case was initiated into the incident under the article “Violation of the rules of the road and the operation of vehicles, resulting in the death of two or more persons by negligence”, and the suspect was placed in custody.

During the investigation, it was established that “the 59-year-old driver of the Scania car showed criminal frivolity and inattention to the traffic situation and its changes, chose a speed of about 80 km / h, which did not provide him with the possibility of constant control over the movement of the vehicle, could not stand the necessary distance with a passing car. "

Now the court of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg, where the materials of the investigation into the fire accident have been transferred, have to deal with the case on the merits.



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