Netherlands farmer tractor protest

Farmers in the Netherlands are ticked off over claims that they should be held responsible for nitrogen oxide emissions, so much so that police said 2,200 joined a convoy of tractors storming The Hague in protest on Tuesday. Reuters reported that the agriculture activists caused "the worst morning commute in Dutch history." Road and drivers’ organization ANWB said more than more than 1,000 km (600 miles) of roadways were snarled by the tractor.

Dutch farmers went on a go-slow in their tractors on Tuesday, clogging up major highways in the Netherlands as they headed to The Hague to demonstrate about what they complain is an attempt to make them the scapegoats over nitrogen pollution.

Around 10,000 farmers are planning a protest in the city, home to the Dutch government, to argue they are unfairly being blamed after a court ruling found the country is violating European emission rules.



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