NYPD Releases Body Cam Video From Friendly Fire Death Of Officer Brian Mulkeen

The NYPD has released new body camera footage of the September shooting that left Officer Brian Mulkeen and an armed suspect dead.

The videos show Officer Mulkeen chasing 27-year-old shooting suspect Antonio Williams. He eventually catches Williams, who was armed an unregistered handgun.

A struggle ensued as the suspect reportedly reached for a gun, which led to other officers firing their weapons. Mulkeen was killed by friendly fire. Williams also died during the shooting.

The NYPD is now releasing a 13-minute video on their YouTube channel that includes the body camera footage, maps of the scene, radio recordings of the officers, and an explanation of their use of force policy.

“The NYPD patrol guide requires that a member of this department use only the reasonable force necessary to gain control or custody of a subject, the use of deadly physical force against a subject can only be used to protect members of this department or the public from serious physical injury or death,” Deputy Chief Kevin Maloney, the commanding officer of the NYPD Investigation Division said.


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