DemocRats Are In Deep Trouble & They Know It - This Is Great!

God they are such hateful ignorant people. Look at them grasping at straws to find something, anything to remove a duly-elected President Trump from office to right an election they lost, but all that ever ends up happening is they dig their ignorant hole deeper, and look more and more like the stupid dummies they actually are, this while America's economy is doing better than it has in over 50 years under President Trump's policies. Remember, they believe "walls no longer work", and assured the world all kinds of calamities if Trump won the presidency lol, wow how wrong can these dummies be? Take them down hard, which is exactly what's happening now as AG Barr "aggressively investigates those involved in the Russian collusion witch hunt / coup attempt. Oh you ignorant libtards who have 100% arrogance and 0% intellegence are going to be forced to watch your pos anti-American party called the DemocRats get annihilated in the coming months as major indictments are handed out to many high ranking former Obama administration officials and possibly even Obama himself. Yes! I love it! Game time folks, Trump is a counter-puncher and he's hittin' back now, finally. AAAAH HA HAAAAAA!

MAGA TRUMP 2016-2024. Just look at the pathetic libturds lol, what total self loathing stupid losers with overly expensive worthless college degrees who think because of those useless leftist indoctrinated expensive pieces of paper that they're smarter. ah ha ha

poll: Tons Of Indictments For DemocRats Are Coming Soon



By: BigBensSack (1591.10)

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