Indian villagers run up to pull rogue elephant’s tail in dangerous teasing prank

This is the heart-stopping moment Indian villagers tease a wild elephant by running up and pulling its tail.

A herd of 22 elephants had raided Karanjia village in Mayurbhanj district in eastern India on November 6 looking for food. Villagers had formed large groups to chase away the herd and protect their crops.

In the commotion, an adult elephant got separated from the herd and drew the attention of local pranksters who decided to tease it.

The cornered elephant tried to charge at them though the men managed to dodge it and avoid any injury while attempting their risky prank.

A forest official said many in the area try to get close to wild elephants to show how brave they are. “They are risking their lives and it’s also illegal to tease wild animals,” he added.


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