The drug courier effectively left the police, but lost 250 kilograms of marijuana

A video of a short pursuit of a drug courier that culminated in a spectacular accident appeared on the Web - events that fell into the registrar’s lens unfolded last Wednesday, April 15, on the federal highway in the municipality of Orinhos in the state of São Paulo in southeast Brazil.

The police tried to stop the car, but the driver did not obey the demand and drove on. The guards caught up with the offender, but he suddenly turned off the road and, without slowing down, literally flew out to the corn field.

The patrolmen, hurried to the car, found that the motorist had disappeared into the thicket and were unable to catch up with him. But in the passenger compartment and trunk of the car they found boxes in which, according to local media , 250 kilograms of marijuana were packed.

Drugs were seized, police are actively searching for the courier and his possible "colleagues" in the criminal craft.



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