Is the Great Reset a Conspiracy Theory?

A lot of people say it's all just a conspiracy theory, at least that's what the NY Times said. When world leaders, international corporate heads, movie stars, and the overall "elite" in society say it in unison along with the literature that we must "build back better", I tend to think it's a real thing and stems from the UN's Agenda 2030 (associated topic).

There was a movie I remember called the Spirit of 76 from the early 90's. That future, nobody wore any color and everyone was equal and the same in intelligence and appearance. It was almost a comedic take of the movie Harrison Bergeron, where the government went to extremes to make everyone equal. Almost like our entertainment was a prophetic warning of our inevitable future, I think once we have built back better-er, what happens if we aren't happy as we were promised?

How do you feel that the leaders of all these nations are working together to change your life, and those of your children? Maybe things would be different if this was more open? Are you ready for the global utopia, or will it be a tyrannical dystopia? Personally, I don't think any of the stuff going on is a coincidence. So, let's have a debate in the comments without all of the s*** posting to see if this is all fake, and where everyone will end if it isn't.


By: Sawgrin (681.40)

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