Guard nearly loses his head when fighting with a drunk gunman

Visitors to the Arkhangelsk bar hardly disarmed a drunken client who came to take revenge on the guards for putting him out the door. The stubborn confrontation hit the lens of the surveillance camera.

The described events took place at about half past four in the morning of November 17 at an institution on Tsiglomenskaya Street. About 30 minutes before this, the employees of the private security company asked the visitor who had reached the condition to move from the counter to the street. He was offended, but left the walls of the institution, he returned with a sawn-off shotgun in his hands. A 36-year-old man later claimed to have found weapons on the street.

The footage shows that the guards did not blunder - they took the barrel to the side before the first shot rang out. They could not quickly disarm the avenger, moreover, even the help of other clients did not help. During the struggle, the man again pulled the trigger - fortunately, no one was hurt, although there were many people nearby.

In the end, the murder suspect was twisted and handed over to the police. As it turned out, he had previously been convicted of hooliganism and intentional harm to health. The man pleaded guilty, especially noting that he shot by accident, and not intentionally. In the coming days he will be elected a preventive measure.



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Location: Arkhangelsk