Censored Film - Assault on Iwo Jima - Reel 2

A compilation of censored films from Cpl. A.S. Tracy; Sgt. William F. Genaust and Sgt. Louis L. Louft documenting the transport to and assault on Iwo Jima. Genaust and Tracy show scenes from D-Day through 21st of fighting along Red and Yellow Beaches. Of note is the movement ashore of G Battery, featuring the gun crew for "Glamour Gal." Crew members are: Cpt. James S. McDermott; Sgt. Joseph L. Pipes; Cpl. William G. Smith; Pfc. Richard J. Samulevich; Pfc. Norman B. Jefferson (Native American); Pfc. Fermin A. Martinez; Pfc. Thomas D. Hanby; Pfc. Thomas O. Bratcher; Pfc. William G. Kuhn; Pfc. Chris Behnke; Pfc. Everett J. Reynolds. DUKWs from the 473rd Amphibious Truck Company provides transport for the batteries.


By: SkyJacker009 (1735.40)

Tags: WWII, History