"We were thrown under the bridge" - builders of the Kerch bridge tell Putin.

The leadership of the Russian Federation for more than six months does not pay 500 million rubles to the builders of the Kerch bridge.

They reported about it in a video message to the president of the country. This video from Ukrainian Crimea greatly surprised Russian social networks. So, builders recorded a video message to President Putin with a request to sort out the problem and speed up the necessary payments. The victims blamed their problems for DECO, which, in turn, is a subcontractor to SGM-Most, a company of Arkady Rotenberg, a childhood friend of Putin. It is noted that the company "DECO" is at the stage of bankruptcy, but salaries have not been transferred to the builders.

All appeals to the prosecutor and the administration did not give any effect.


By: Xyecoc (1601.68)

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