Ring camera captures moment delivery driver hurls package to door of US home

A doorbell camera outside a home in Exeter in California captured the moment a delivery driver hurled a package to the doorstep.

"We heard a loud crash outside the front door," said resident Harry Perez.

"When we went to look, a white car was driving down the street and our Amazon package was present near a small metal table," he added.

"Upon reviewing the Ring Doorbell video, we saw that the delivery person had literally bowled the package up to the covered entry area from approximately 10 feet away from where it landed," Perez continued.

"Once I posted this video on social media, Amazon contacted my wife and asked for tracking and shipping details to confirm the delivery. Shortly after confirmation, they gave my wife a $15 credit towards her next purchase," Perez concluded.

The incident took place on September 1 2019.


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Location: California