Bystanders Assist Police In Making An Arrest at A Gas Station After Being Summoned By the Officers

Bystanders filmed a police incident that occurred at a gas station in Houston, TX. A man high on drugs and armed with a knife was threatening patrons getting gas. Houston Police summoned the bystanders to help.

"Just helping to do a positive part for all lives matter

Had to help save a life today, stopped at a store n seen people running out fast saying he got a knife, I stayed n made sure the brother doesn’t get killed n made sure they didn’t hurt him, I end up putting the cuff on him so the law doesn’t kill him after they taser him... thank you God ????❤️???? all lives matters, I just wanted to save either or and especially not see another George Floyd incident"


By: Live Police Pursuits (188.50)

Tags: houston police, black lives matter

Location: Houston, TX