Man attacked with ice pick and hammer during robbery in Mexico

"An assault captured on video in León, Guanajuato, shows the moment when two subjects assault a man with an ice pick and give him 20 hammer blows after removing his belongings.

the victim tried to run up some stairs after realizing the presence of two subjects who end up intercepting him.
One of the assailants, who carried an ice pick, attacked the man by stabbing him several times until he ended up removing the backpack he was carrying.

The accomplice, who had a hammer, frightened the man for several seconds; he gives him two blows to the head and throws him towards the stairs. Once on the ground, he was attacked again with the hammer at least 15 times on different parts of the body.

So far, the victim's state of health is unknown."

Happened on Dec 11, Mexico



By: plakka (2165.60)

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