French products boycotted at supermarket in Indonesia

A supermarket in Indonesia has started boycotting French products following President Emmanuel Macron's remarks against Islam.

The backlash followed the French leader's statement that Islam was "in crisis" and that he would fight "Islamist separatism" in France after a series of attacks by Islamic extremists.

Imported goods from France were seen in shelves covered with plastic and put up with boycott notices at a store in Makassar City on October 31.

The notice printed on paper read: "Sorry, this product is temporarily not sold. Boycott of French products."

The sealed products include several brands of milk formula, mineral water, cosmetic products, and other food items.

The store manager has also instructed their staff not to sell the items but leave them on the shelves for everyone to see.

It is only one of the many stores in the country that openly started a boycott against French products together with Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Huge Muslim organisations in the country such as the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) also appealed to the public to join the boycott.

Several shops still sell French products in the Muslim-majority country, but the boycott movement's effects are expected to be felt in the coming weeks.


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