Gurnee Police Shoot, Kill Woman Brandishing Beretta Cx4 Storm Tactical Carbine

Shooting at 15:15

This Real World Police exclusive covers the May 23, 2018 shooting of Makell Meyerin by officers of the Gurnee Police Department in Lake County, Illinois. Some of you have been wondering what was on the discs I posted a photo of a few days ago. This is part of the answer.

On May 23, 2018, Officer Ben Bozer, a nine-year veteran of Gurnee Police Department, was working a 12-hour (6 am - 6 pm) shift. At 1:22 pm, Officer Bozer received a radio dispatch regarding a suspicious vehicle - a 2010 Toyota Prius - at the intersection of Harper Avenue and Gould Avenue in a residential area of Gurnee.

Officer Bozer arrived at the vehicle four minutes later. As he approached, Bozer noted that the car was running. A white male, later identified as Jordan Huff, was passed out in the front passenger seat and his breathing was clearly labored. Fearing that the passenger was experiencing a medical emergency, Officer Bozer notified dispatch and requested that rescue be notified of the passenger's condition: suspected overdose.

Officer Bozer then approached the driver’s side of the car. A white female, later identified as Makell Meyerin, appeared unconscious in the driver’s seat. Officer Bozer knocked on the driver’s door and Meyerin finally awoke, speaking in what Officer Bozer described as a “thick tongued” manner.

Seeing that the car was in drive, Bozer asked Meyerin to put the car in park. Multiple times. After some mumbling and the placement of an unknown item in the back seat of the car, Meyerin responded by speeding away from the officer… down a dead end.

When Officer Bozer and other responding officers turned onto the dead end street, Meyerin had already turned her car around. She drove directly toward the police cars, ultimately avoiding them by driving onto a residential lawn.

Officer Bozer radioed the car description and license plate number, and another Gurnee officer radioed that the Prius had struck a Gurnee ambulance while fleeing the area.

Officer Bozer maintained a view of the Prius. The car was seen maneuvering around cars in a construction zone, after which it proceeded into a residential area. Eventually, the Prius crashed in a wooded area adjacent to Gurnee's Chittenden Park. As Meyerin jumped out of the car at that location, another officer radioed that she was “armed with an AK.”

From there, watch the video.

Meyerin was pronounced deceased at 2:33 pm.

Meyerin was found to have been brandishing a Beretta Cx4 Storm tactical carbine rifle. There was one live shell in the chamber, and the magazine contained 5 additional live rounds. The selector switch on the rifle had been moved into the “fire” position.

Jordan Huff later stated that earlier in the day he had been with Meyerin and another female in Antioch. He stated that Meyerin had “hustled” a male for money and that the three of them drove away in a Volkswagen. Moments later, the police attempted to stop their car. Huff, the driver, didn't stop and was able to successfully elude the police. Upon arriving at Huff’s Antioch residence, they all fled on foot. Huff later met with Meyerin and went to Huff's mother’s home, where Meyerin took Huff's uncle’s Prius.

They drove to a Waukegan motel and took a variety of drugs. Huff has no recollection of what occurred after that point, but added that he and Meyerin had been doing drugs for the last few days, and that Meyerin had recently been suicidal. Huff said that he only saw the long gun after he and Meyerin had gotten into the Prius.

Linda Meyerin, Makell's mother, stated that she spoke to her daughter by phone on the morning of the shooting. Makell had called her and stated “Somebody set up Jordan. I’ve gotta help him. I’m gone. I mean I’m dead.” Makell added that her mother would “see her on the news.” According to her mother, Makell had also asked whether the police had shown up looking for her. Makell then hung up the phone.

Linda reported that Makell had been a heroin addict since she was 14 years old. She had been in and out of jail on a variety of offenses and was only clean when she was arrested.

Toxicology for Meyerin was positive for opiates, cocaine, benzodiazepines, fentanyl, heroin, and buprenorphine.


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