Ukraine opens high treason case against Poroshenko over Kerch Strait incident

Ukraine’s state investigation bureau has opened a criminal case and started probing possible high treason charges against former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko over the incident in the Kerch Strait, the bureau’s press office reported on Tuesday.

Ukraine’s state investigation bureau investigates crimes committed by the country’s top officials. It confirmed on Tuesday it had opened the criminal case related precisely to the Kerch Strait incident late last year.

It was filed by lawyer Andrey Portnov, he believes that Poroshenko’s actions were aimed at deliberately provoking Russia.

"Poroshenko’s actions were aimed at deliberately provoking the Russian Federation for retaliatory and easily foreseen aggressive actions in a tense situation, which caused losses in the inventory of the Ukrainian Navy," the lawyer’s statement posted on his Facebook says.


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