Motorcycle rider slips on wet road under truck's wheels but helmet saves him

A motorcycle rider had a miraculous escape after his head fell under the wheels of an oncoming truck.

The man swerved to avoid hitting a vehicle that pulled out in front of him but then skidded on the wet road and lost control.

Dashcam footage shows how he veered into the path of an oncoming truck in Lipa City, the Philippines on September 16.

The rider's head fell under the truck's front bumper but his helmet saved him from any serious injury. The driver then stopped before the wheels hit him.

Traffic police rushed to help the rider, who leapt to his feet unscathed to check his scooter was not damaged.

Passing driver Dennis Llang said: "The man was very lucky because I thought he was going to die. The truck driver was also alert and able to stop in time. I hope drivers learn something from them."

The traffic was held up for a few minutes before the rider was assisted on the verge for documentation, but he did not want to take action against any other road users.


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Location: Philippines