I Was Killed Under Rzhev

Rzhev was WWII equivalent of WWI Verdun. For more then one year between 1942 and 1943 Soviet Red Army attacked German Wehrmacht positions in the vicinity of the town with heavy losses and little ground gained. It became known as "Rzhev Meat Grinder". However large German forces that were tied there and were also weakened by the looses were later sorely missed at Stalingrad.

Verses from poem by A. Tvardovsky and music by I. Karpov. Tvardovsky served as a war corespondent on the Eastern Front.
Video compiled by SHAMAN999999.

English translation (incomplete):

I was killed under Rzhev
In the nameless swamp
In the fifth company
On the left
During a heavy air bombing raid.

I did not hear the blast
I did not see that flash
Strait in to abyss from a cliff
Without top, without bottom.


And in this whole world
Until the end of the time
No buckle,
No spoon
From my uniform.

I am where the blind roots
Seek nourishment in the dark
I am where in a cloud of dust
Rye moves on the hill.


And for the dead, those without sight
There is one comfort:
We fell for our homeland
But she -
Is saved.

Our eyes faded
The flame of the heart went out.
On the ground during muster
They don't call out to us.


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