The case of Madeleine McCann - part I (w/ English Subtitles)

An interview with Gonçalo Amaral, the lead investigator into the disappearance of the child Madeleine McCann.

He addresses the case and the unbelievable political climate surrounding the investigation. He accuses the parents of manslaughter (accidental death), probably caused by neglect and use of sedatives. He says they also tampered with the child's body.

Madeleine, left alone in the house and under the influence of Calpol, heard her father speak downstairs, on the street. She went to the living room, climbed on the sofa and leaned on the window, trying to see/talk to him. Unfortunately, being small and impaired, she fell head first in the gap between the couch and window, dying at that moment or not long after.

The body was then concealed in the beach area. Mr. Martin reports seeing Gerry carrying a body of a child at 10 p.m., on the night of the disappearance, heading to the beach.

After the announcement that cadaver-detecting dogs would be brought in and used in this case, about 3 weeks after the disappearance, Gerry's cell phone pings in remote locations at very odd timetables. He visited those remote locations about 5 times in several different days. In one of those instances, he has just arrived at the airport from the UK, at night, and instead of heading home, he drives straight into that remote location with no apparent reason.

The visits stop when the dogs arrive. A few days later, the dogs would detect the smell of human cadaver in the booth of Gerry's car. His neighbour also reported the strange fact that the car was kept parked for days on end with the booth opened.

poll: What happened to Maddie?

She was abducted by chance.
She was specifically targeted by a sex ring and abducted.
I don't know.
She died, victim of an assault by one of the parents.
She died, victim of an acident, and the parents lied to cover up neglect charges.


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