Dump truck brake system fails causing it to roll over and burst into flames, driver survived

Last Wednesday, July 3, an accident involving a dump truck that occurred at the Bystrinsky mining and processing plant in the Trans-Baikal Territory hit the video. Now the recording from the registrar was on the web.

Local media , with reference to the press service of the enterprise, report that the truck, which was driving downhill, drove onto the barrier shaft, turned over and tipped over into a ditch. Judging by the frames, after that a fire occurred.

Fortunately, the driver got off light injuries. It is emphasized that at the time of the incident he was sober.

The investigation of the causes of emergency is the Commission. According to unofficial preliminary data, an accident could have triggered a brake system failure, but these data require additional confirmation.



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Location: Bystrinsky District, Kamchatka Krai, Russia