Sea lion with fishing line wrapped around neck is cut free in Namibia

A sea lion with fishing wrapped her neck was cut free by a team of animal rescuers in Namibia.

The footage shows the group catch the sea lion in a net before delicately cutting the line off from the animal's body.

The filmer said: "I was on patrol for entangled seals when we came across this adult female with commercial fishing line wrapped around her neck.

"This line had caused a bit of damage already and would probably her soon if not removed. We used my seal catching net to trap her and managed to free the entanglement.

"In 2019 my team and I have managed to catch and free more than 300 cape fur seals. I was helped by Dorothy Fourie and Thilde Martin from the Namibian Dolphin Project."

This video was filmed on January 8.


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