Went To Remove HoneyBees,,, Only Found Wasps

I Love Them Honey Bees, But I Hates Me Some Yellow Jackets...
When kids and pets are living in the exact same proximity as a large yellow jacket nest, I go out of my way to do the best I can to remove the current problem and any potential for recovery and or re-infestation.

I wished I had not initially used wasp spray.... and just collected the nest out of the ground.. hmm maybe next time,, I know a few nut-cases who live with a fishing pole in hand, who would have loved the free bait. Im told wasp larva is great bait.

I enjoy my work,, even when I take a sting or 2,,,which just gives me something to gripe about later in the day.
The money is good, the excitement is 1st hand, and ya better like to sweat if ya want to play with the flying stingers.
I got to play with the families happy ball-dog, and their little kids got to see the BEE MAN... It was a Good day.


By: TEX (8458.50)

Tags: liveleakers, Bees, Wasps, Hornets, I'll come get em, Whoo Hoo, Lets Do this, Ouch!! is expected and in the price, If you see me run, YOU RUN.

Location: Texas