Floor suddenly collapses inside a supermarket

One woman suffered as a result of a floor collapse in a 24-hour supermarket in St. Petersburg. The surveillance camera captured the moment of emergency in a store on Bolshoi Prospect of the Petrograd side.

The incident occurred around midnight on March 14th. According to eyewitnesses, before the collapse, sounds were heard that looked like blows from a sledgehammer. On the frames it is clear that the racks with the goods collapsed in the flooded the store’s security guard and one of the customers. In the basement was one of the cash registers. The PSC employee was able to get out on her own, the woman needed the help of eyewitnesses. She did not receive serious injuries and after the examination she refused to be hospitalized.

The failure area, according to various sources, ranged from 15 to 20 square meters. The cause of the collapse of the floor, according to preliminary data of experts, was the fatigue of supporting structures - the house, where the supermarket is located, is more than 100 years old. Interrogated by the St. Petersburg TV channel, local residents do not exclude that the collapse is connected with the foundation foundation - a hole in the asphalt appeared in the courtyard about a month ago.

At present, as the Fontanka specifies, the shop is closed, the debris is being analyzed.


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Location: St. Petersburg, Russia