*Flashback 1911 - France - Silent

Filmed in the Saint-Tugen, Primelin areas. Reportage with images of a church with a square in Brittany with posing residents, a market and a Catholic procession. NOTE: The inter-titles do not fully match with the images shown. You'll forgive this minor error and please acknowledge credit to: Director: (unknown), Production Country: France, Production Company: Eclipse (France), FLM12501, Film from the collection of EYE (Amsterdam). FYI: Saint-Tugen, Primelin
est maintenant lourd d'alcool et de viennoiseries!!!!!!!! - Salut Cheers à votre bonne santé!


By: Homer Hart (8312.30)

Tags: France, 1911, Footage, Filmed, Saint-Tugen, Primelin, Historic, Film, History, Flashback, Entertainment, Silent, Other Entertainment

Location: Saint-Tugen, 29770 Primelin, France