Trump tweets out about witches as the one man impeachment war room adds ivanka. Quid pro quo is now fact.

Witches of America have united in filing defamation law suits against trump sullying there profession as he drags them into his labyrinth of lies, crimes, and insults of America. Trumps seems to get relief from ivanka tweet strategy that the process is unfair, but there seems to be no discussions on quid pro quo on the perfect call anymore. It’s now just unfair now that the house formerly puts impeachment on the table for trumps removal.

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The Greatest Witch Hunt In American History!
8:31 AM - 31 Oct 2019
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Where is guilliani? Morrison testified that he was told to stay clear of trump and guilliani in Ukraine, that they had something going on there. Sorry witches, but trump knows no bounds in hating America and Americans if they stand in his way with laws, morality, and his bullying.
Oh and moving to Florida? Cheaper taxes donny, we know you do anything to avoid paying what you owe. Memes sure


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