Customers shocked when wild civet burst into mobile phone shop in Indonesia

Customers at a mobile phone shop in Indonesia got a scare yesterday (November 21) when a wild civet ran into the shop and leapt onto the counter.

Footage filmed in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra province shows local residents removing the animal from behind a cabinet.

One of the rescuers then holds the civet by the tail and takes it outside where he places it in a sack.

Shop owner Al Fatah, who filmed the clip, said the creature burst in just a customer was buying phone credit.

"A customer screamed when she saw a civet cross over her feet. The civet then climbed into the storefront after nearly biting one of the customers," Fatah said.

"Then the civet ran on the wall of the cellphone cover display and ended up hiding behind the aquarium cabinet," Fatah added.

The civet was later relocated in its natural environment away from homes.

Civets are mostly nocturnal mammals with a cat-like appearance.

They are native to Asia and Africa, especially the tropical forests.


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