NYPD cop is shot in the arm during shootout in a parking lot that left the suspect dead and another in custody

Video footage of a police shootout in New York shows the moment a cop is shot in the arm by a gun-wielding suspect.

On Thursday NYPD officers got into a shootout with a suspect in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan around 4:30pm.

Two officers not in uniform initially responded to reports of a man repeatedly shooting his gun in the air.

When the cops arrived to the scene, they chased down the man who was found with a gun in his hand into a nearby parking garage and backup officers were called.

Surveillance video from the parking lot shows the tense moment a cop runs after the gun-wielding suspect, who runs behind a car.

After the suspect cowers behind a parked car, he fired three shots at the officer.

The 34-year-old cop was hit in the arm.

Then the cop's partner pulls up in to the parking lot in an unmarked police car and shoots the suspect.


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