Violent video shows Waffle House robbers burst in, force people to the floor

Newly released video shows armed robbers in masks burst into a Waffle House in Houston and force customers to the floor.

Houston police released the surveillance footage Tuesday of the violent robbery on July 23.

The video shows three robbers rush into the restaurant and immediately point guns at customers.

A robber holds a handgun at a man’s head and forces him out of a booth and onto the ground. Then the customer slides what appears to be his cellphone and wallet across the floor to the robber, who stuffed the items in his pockets.

Another robber ran to the other end of the Waffle House and pushed a customer to the floor while a third went behind the counter.

“The suspects then forced the manager to open the cash register and removed the money,” police said in a news release.

All three men rushed out of the restaurant, leaving customers lying on the floor.


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Location: Houston