Homeless Man Shot By Police During Standoff In Venice

LAPD officers responded to a 5:42 p.m. disturbing the peace call about a person screaming in an alley near Thornton Court and Pacific Avenue and encountered a man later identified as 37-year-old John Penny. According to LAPD Pacific Division Capt. James Setzer, Penny was behaving erratically and refused to comply with the officers’ commands to drop a glass bottle that he was waving.

Setzer said Penny grew increasingly agitated as officers continued talking to him in an attempt to deescalate the confrontation, but Penny responded by throwing a box at them.

“The officers engaged the suspect with a Taser to no effect,” Setzer said. “Throughout the incident, the suspect was armed with a glass bottle, broken glass bottle, scrap metal piece, and finally a wooden board. Officers deployed less-lethal tools of a beanbag shotgun and 40 millimeter [foam] baton round while continuing to verbalize with the suspect.”

Penny allegedly grabbed the piece of metal and the wooden board before “hastily approaching officers,” at which point the officer-involved shooting occurred. Penny was struck once in the lower leg and arm and was transported to a local hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. The officers were not injured.
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By: Juggernaut (19967.50)

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Location: California