Builders with excavator rescue dog from freezing water

The dog tried to get out of the icy water for almost 40 minutes, and an excavator came to his aid.

First they wanted to crawl up to the dog with a rope and pull it out, then tried to cut through the ice in the ice the way to the shore for the
animal. And in the end, the rescuers decided to put the man in the bucket of the excavator and bring him to the drowning dog.

"It fell under the ice 20 meters from the shore, 40 minutes in the water. The builders were finishing work, about three o'clock in the morning went to put special equipment in the parking lot, heard the dog barking and rescued it. We wanted to crawl behind it with a rope at first, but then decided to put a man in the bucket and save her. Otherwise it would have frozen.


Por: skybluejack (2065.10)

Etiquetas: dog, rescue, icy, water, excavator, workmen