Dad and Son Shoot Hibernating Black Bear and Two Newborn Cubs

Hidden cameras captured the sick moment a father and son high-five after slaying a defenceless bear and cubs as they hibernated. The footage which shows the illegal killing on Esther Island, in the Gulf of Alaska, comes from a camera which had been set up to study the animals

Father and son Andrew Renner, 41, and Owen Renner, 18, did not know they were filmed by the US Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game who were conducting a study.

They both pleaded guilty to multiple misdemeanour counts including the illegal killing of the bears. The father (Andrew) was sentenced to five months in jail with two months suspended and a fine. Owen (the son) was sentenced to suspended jail time and community service. Both had their hunting licenses revoked, Andrew for 10 years, and Owen’s for two years.



By: Aussie (23005.50)


Location: USA