The 07:49 Three Locomotive Freight Train

Certain areas of the city are 'silent section' where trains don't blow the horn. A pity since that's most of the fun having a train pass by. They do have the bell that clangs but as you can tell here by the time you hear it the train is stepping on your toes. Any time around tracks I scout the horizon for headlamps.. I like the audio at 1:10 where the wheels seem like they're have a tit for tat conversation. Fresh from this morning, 22 May 20. (Likely won't excite most people but there's so much lousily shot video here I thought I'l plant a gardenia into a cow pie.)


By: WoFat (5894.70)

Tags: Liveleakers, freight, train, WoTography, bell, horn, gardenia, man this guy does great video