Trump bumbling his way through his own fabricated made up la la land of fake history, declares how it used to be and how he has fallen short.

Trump after mid morning scarfe of Big Macs declares America used to pay for everything cash. Bwahahaha like it ever didn’t borrow to buy stuf. Then follows up for what tarriffs are not, how they collect them, who’s paying for it, how it distorts the economy, makes USA made goods uncompetitive, how the trade war decimating farmers, industry, and confidence.

Donald J. Trump
When our Country had no debt and built everything from Highways to the Military with CASH, we had a big system of Tariffs. Now we allow other countries to steal our wealth, treasure, and jobs - But no more! The USA is doing great, with unlimited upside into the future!
10:46 AM · Jun 23, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

Is his base that stupid? You’d think he keeps scooping up shit and they keep eating it so they must like it. Memes yes memes.


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