Ambulance crew beaten by drunk Russians

In Kirovo-Chepetsk, an ambulance crew was beaten up, when they came to take tests for coronavirus.

“Unknown men came up to the car, knocked on the window. This often happens, maybe someone else became ill. Then we opened the door to find out what happened.

They asked which apartment we went to. The paramedic did not say, and wanted to close the door, but they pulled him out of the car and started to beat him, ” - a friend of the victim told local reporters.

The regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that they are now looking for attackers.

“Two men in a state of intoxication beat the ambulance driver and the doctor of this brigade for no reason. The suspects disappeared from the scene, their identities are established, ” - the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The attack occurred in the courtyard of house number 16 on Russia Avenue on the night of April 18. The medic is in the surgical department of MSCh-52 in a moderate state - he has a concussion, bruises of the chest and face.
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