Police chase motorcycle rider and passenger waving a Samurai sword in Cambodia

Three sword-wielding youths were chased by police after they were seen carrying deadly weapons past a checkpoint in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on June 24.

Officers noticed the lads acting suspiciously before they avoided being flagged down and sped away.

Meanchey district police officers pursued the lads on the bikes with a pillion rider waving a samurai swords while escaping.

Helmet camera footage from one of the policemen shows the dramatic nighttime chase along one of the city's highways.

The group were eventually caught by villagers who handed them over to the police officers.

Lieutenant Colonel Sam Srey said: ''The suspects escaped at first but with assistance from residents they were arrested for carrying dangerous weapons and ignoring a police checkpoint. Now we will interview them to find the rest of their gang.''



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Location: Cambodia