Footage shows Joel Clavell being shot while running towards police brandishing a hatchet

Dramatic footage of a man being shot by Victorian police after threatening to chop their heads off and saying he wanted to be a martyr has been shown in court.

Joel Clavell and his older brother Joshua were both shot and injured after threatening police with a knife and hatchet at Barnawartha North, near the border with NSW, in June 2019.

During the stand-off, Joel Clavell goaded counter-terror and uniform officers to shoot him, saying he wanted to become a martyr.

He also called the police "dogs" and "mutts", saying he wanted them to drop their guns so he could chop their heads off.

Footage played in the Victorian County Court on Thursday showed him running towards police while armed with a hatchet before being shot twice on June 12 last year.

"It doesn't have to end like this mate," police had told the younger Clavell brother in the footage.

"We don't want to shoot you, mate.

"Your brother's already down."

Joshua Clavell had rammed one of the police cars and was shot after running at officers with a knife.

Counter-terror and general police were trying to arrest the duo, who had been tracked to a campsite.

The elder brother was wanted on a warrant for breaching a previous community correction order.

The 31-year-old has since pleaded guilty to exposing an emergency worker to risk by driving and assaulting an emergency worker on duty.

His younger brother, now 20, admits to four counts of assaulting police and three of making threats to kill.

He later told police he did not remember referring to martyrdom or threatening to chop the officers' heads off.

Their plea hearing before Judge Martine Marich continues.

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