Officer says he was knocked out during violent traffic stop

A Glendale officer who was knocked unconscious during an aggressive traffic stop in 2017 that is the center of a new lawsuit provided more detail about the incident in newly released body camera video.

Officer Mark Lindsey, who is named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed by 37-year-old Johnny Wheatcroft, was seen telling another officer that he was assisting Officer Matt Schneider as Wheatcroft appeared to be resisting arrest.

As he was helping with the arrest, Lindsey said he was struck above his left eye with a bag of soda bottles and cans that were full. The video was provided by Wheatcroft’s attorney, Marc Victor, on Monday.

“It kind of dazed me for a few seconds. When I stood up, I lost balance. I think at that point I fell back, striking my head on the ground,” Lindsey said while in the hospital following the incident.

“I found out that the white bag that I was struck with was a bag that was filled with soda bottles and soda cans that were full,” he added. “I never saw who did it, I just saw the white bag.”

In the initial body camera footage that was released of the incident, a white bag can be seen flung out of the vehicle around the 2:50 mark, shortly after Schneider first uses the Taser on Wheatcroft.


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