Indicted Company in Junk Russian Bot Case Slams Mueller AGAIN in Court Filing — Spent ONLY $3,000 in Online Ads That Mueller Claims Disrupted Election

Concord Management and Consulting LLC said in a motion Monday that it spent just $2,930 on campaign ads plus $1,800 for payroll during the 2016 election and Mueller’s accusation of ‘meddling’ are ‘at best misleading and at worst demonstrably false.’

The motion challenges the US government’s allegations that the firm somehow disrupted the American election process, arguing that their online ads for August of 2016 mentioned in Mueller’s indictment cost a whopping $7.58 — yes, that’s correct, $7 dollars and some change.

Mueller’s indictment accuses Concord of funding the IRA (Internet Research Agency) and subsequently charged the firm for failing to file with the FEC (Federal Election Commission). written by Cristina Laila


By: Huronite (802.50)

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