Billings Police Fatally Shoot Man Following Pursuit

Dashboard shows the encounter with Billings police that led to the shooting death of Preston David Bell in November 2017.

The shooting took place after Bell led officers on a chase, reaching 60 miles per hour at times on residential streets.

At about 12:10 a.m., police, who had arranged their cruisers in a defensive configuration to protect themselves and others, said the man reached into the glove box of the truck, which was stopped facing away from the officers.

The man then suddenly drove the truck backward into the blockade. “Unexpectedly and rapidly, he struck a patrol car,” St. John said, sending the cruiser spinning. He then struck a civilian's minivan, sending it onto a sidewalk, and then struck a second patrol car, pushing the cruiser into another vehicle.

At that point, St. John said, “officers had to jump and scatter.”

At 12:13 a.m., five officers fired their weapons, striking the man several times. Police did not know as of Saturday morning how many shots were fired or whether the suspect was armed.

Shooting @ 17:50 mark.



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Location: Montana, USA