Man Attacks Family, Kills 2

While Mr. Hoai's family was having 10 people eating and drinking water in the kitchen, suddenly a man with a cap holding an AK47-type gun from behind the house fired 4 rounds from outside to enter through the window. in the kitchen, one of them hit the head of Pham Thanh Phong, SN 2008 (Hoai's son), causing the victim to die on the spot. Hearing gunshots, Pham Thanh Chung (SN 2005, eldest son Hoai) fled to the toilet, the rest ran to the front of the stall. Subject does not let go, he goes around the house to shoot bullets continuously. Not stopping there, the subject took a gun to the tire factory of Mr. Hoang Quoc Huong, SN 1977 was about 15m away from Hoai's house and fired about 15 rounds continuously. Huong ran into the house and was hit by a back target by an object. After shooting, the object holding the gun fled.
As a result, the two victims died were grandchildren Pham Thanh Phong and Mr. Hoang Quoc Huong. 5 injured people who are emergency at the hospital



By: 2415elcapitan (15265.00)

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