Hartford Police release body camera footage of arrest

The footage was released by Hartford police after a tense traffic stop on Blue Hills Avenue Monday afternoon. A woman was pulled over after police said her car was reported stolen. Police said they tried to figure out the situation while explaining to the woman what was happening.

Police said the tense situation exploded when the woman tried to leave the scene. When she tried to leave, the officer demanded that she get out before she put the car in reverse and started backing up.

Officers and eyewitnesses converged on the woman and encouraged her to put the car in park. After they spent a minute and a half asking her to get out of the car, two officers pulled her out. The woman was arrested with at least three officers on the scene.

Hartford police later made a clarification that the car was never stolen, but it did make the list of “wanted vehicles’ because it was believed to have been involved in a shots-fired incident.

Police said the passenger in the woman’s car was the suspect in the shots-fired incident.


By: Juggernaut (20506.00)

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Location: Connecticut