Alleged drunk men fall into elevator shaft after smashing through doors

Two alleged drunk men accidentally smashed through an elevator door and fell into the open shaft in southern China.

The CCTV video, filmed in the city of Quanzhou in Fujian Province on November 21, shows a man in a black T-shirt carrying anther man in a white T-shirt towards an elevator in a hotel hall.

However, they suddenly fell down and fell onto the closed doors of the elevator.

One door was then forced open and both men fell into the elevator shaft.

After police officers arrived, they brought the two men back to safety.

Paramedics checked the two men on site. Fortunately they only suffered skin trauma. They were then sent to hospital for a further treatment.

The video was provided by local media with permission.


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Tags: WTF, drunk men, smashed through elevator, fell into open shaft

Location: China